Marsh Management Strategies: Strategies & Goals

Specific management goals can be attained using different protocols. The "best" technique for attaining a particular goal will depend heavily upon the structure of the impoundment(s) in question, upon physical and geographical factors, and upon management strategies in the surrounding areas. Below we list some likely combinations of management goals and strategies.

Goals Techniques
Closed Open RIM RIM & Ditching Continuous Flooding Seasonal Drawdown Cyclic OMWM Continuous Bleed Ditched
Mosquito Control X   O X X   X X X  
Waterfowl X       O O X      
Linkage   O   X       X    
Fish   O X         X    
Wading Birds           X   X    
Mammals - varies -
Endangered Species - varies -
High Marsh Species   O           X    
Exotic Control   X X   X          
Water Quality   O X X     X X O  
Invertebrates   X X X   X X O    
Recreation X X X X X X X X X  
Research X X X X X X X X X  
Research - varies -

X = Applicable strategies
O = Strategies most commonly used