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Florida Medical Entomology Laboratory

Florida Medical Entomology Laboratory

Buzz Words Archive

Buzz Words Archive - University of Florida, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences

Articles are listed in chronological order with the most recent edition first.

Chikungunya in Florida: The Tip of the Iceberg? Jul-Aug 2014
A Workshop on Florida Mosquito Control and Reducing Florida's Risk From Dengue and Chikungunya May-Jun 2014
A Bibliography for Florida Dengue, Chikungunya and Florida's Vectors Mar-Apr 2014
Prepare in Advance for Dengue or Chikungunya in Your District Jan-Feb 2014
Dengue in Florida in 2013 Gives No Cause for Comfort Nov-Dec 2013
The 2012 West Nile epidemic in Dallas County, Texas: Déjà vu, all over again Sep-Oct 2013
Understanding How Dengue Can Be Introduced into Key West Jul-Aug 2013
A New Era for Florida's Support for State Aid to Florida Mosquito Control May-Jun 2013
Florida Mosquito Research Has Returned Huge Dividends to Florida Mar-Apr 2013
Can Key West Meet the Challenge of a Dengue Epidemic? Jan-Feb 2013
Obituary: Florida's Mosquito Control Research Program Nov-Dec 2012
Predicting the Risk for West Nile using Sentinel Chickens or Monitoring Mosquito Infection Rates Sep-Oct 2012
Florida Mosquito Control and Dengue in Florida Jul-Aug 2012
Developing an Effective Mosquito Control Program to Combat Dengue May-Jun 2012
Moving forward in the battle against Aedes aegypti and dengue in Key West, Florida Mar-Apr 2012
Key West Must Continue the Fight Against Dengue Jan-Feb 2012
A dangerous Precedent: Reducing Florida mosquito control capabilities in the face of a potential catastrophic Dengue outbreak Nov-Dec 2011
A Ray of Sunshine in the Fight Against Dengue Sep-Oct 2011
Florida's Future is at Stake: The Status of the Florida Mosquito Control Research Program Jul-Aug 2011
FMCA Tallahassee Days – 2011: The Battle Continues Mar-Apr 2011
Key West and Singapore: Meeting the Challenge of Dengue Control on Two Island Communities Jan-Feb 2011
Dengue in Key West: The Perfect Storm Sep.Oct 2010
Dengue in Key West? Florida’s Dirty Little Secret? Jul/Aug 2010
The Best of Florida Mosquito Control:Dr. George F. O’Meara May/Jun 2010
Florida's Third Rail: Declaration of a Mosquito-Borne Illness Threat Mar/Apr 2010
One World: Hati, Dengue,Florida Jan/Feb 2010
2010 Proposed Cuts in State Aid for Mosquito Control – Round 2 Nov/Dec 2009
Mosquito Control as a First Responder to Bioterrorism May/Jun 2009
Cutting Florida's State Support for Mosquito Control Mar/Apr 2009
Florida Mosquito Control During the Florida Budget Crisis Jan/Feb 2009
Florida’s State Support Budget for Mosquito Control: Tough Times May Undermine Florida Public Health Nov/Dec 2008
Is it Culex tarsalis or Culex coronator? Sep/Oct 2008
Mosquito Control and the Challenge of Delusory Parasitosis Jul/Aug 2008
The Importance of Florida Mosquito Control Association's Tallahassee Days May/Jun2008
Chikungunya Virus in Florida: Lessons from Italy 2007 May/Jun 2008
Florida Mosquito Control Research Program Mar/Apr 2008
Meeting of Florida Vector-Borne Disease Scientists Jan/Feb 2008
Florida and Chikungunya: Lessons from Chikungunya Italian Style Nov/Dec 2007
Vector-Borne Pathogens and the University of Florida's Emerging Pathogens Institute Sep/Oct 2007
Is West Nile virus a Threat to Florida? Reasons for Concern Jul/Aug 2007
Identity Crisis: The practical consequences of proposed generic name changes for Florida mosquitoes formerly grouped in the genus Aedes Jul/Aug 2007
Caution on Proposals to Reduce Florida Mosquito Control Budgets: Dangerous Times and a Step Back for Public Health and Well Being May/Jun 2007
An Outlook for Arborival Transmission in Florida During the Second Half of 2007 May/Jun 2007
Tough Choices for West Nile Virus Surveillance Programs Mar/Apr 2007
Chikungunya and Dengue: Challenges for Florida Mosquito Control Jan/Feb 2007
Sentinel Chicken Surveillance for West Nile Virus Nov/Dec 2006
Ticks in Florida Nov/Dec 2006
Sentinel Chicken Surveillance: Some Pitfalls in Analyzing the Data Sep/Oct 2006
Polymerase Chain Reaction: Detecting the invisible presence of biological weapons and future benefits for mosquito-borne disease surveillance Sep/Oct 2006
Mosquito Surveillance and West Nile Prediction: Lessons Learned Jul/Aug 2006
And Just When You Thought It Was Safe Out There, Along Comes Chikungunya May/Jun 2006
Building arbovirus surveillance programs in Central Asia May/Jun 2006
The Florida West Nile Forecast for 2006 Mar/Apr 2005
Support for Mosquito and Mosquito-borne Disease Research Nov/Dec 2005
Relationships between host viremia and vector susceptibility for arboviruses Jan/Feb 2006
West Nile Surveillance and Florida Mosquito Control: Acting on Surveillance Information Sep/Oct 2005
Evaluating Scientific Papers: Details are Important Jul/Aug 2005
The Name Game: Thoughts on the Proposed Reclassification of Aedini May/Jun 2005
Commentary on Research Findings. Nonviremic transmission of West Nile virus: Implications for understanding West Nile epidemiology May/Jun 2005
Avian Amplification of Arboviruses: The key to epidemic transmission Mar/Apr 2005
Florida West Nile Surveillance: Estimating Mosquito Transmission Frequencies Mar/Apr 2005
A Florida Mosquito Control Arbovirus Response Plan Jan/Feb 2005
Florida's 2004 West Nile Transmission Season Nov/Dec 2004
Florida in 2004: Hurricanes, Mosquitoes and West Nile Sep/Oct 2004
West Nile Epidemic? These are the questions we will ask Jul/Aug 2004
Sentinel Surveillance and Human Risk for West Nile Virus Mar/Apr 2004
Florida’s Sentinel Chicken Surveillance Program: Smart Chickens Jan/Feb 2004
Great Move by the Indian River County Health Department and the Florida Department of Health, September 2003 Nov/Dec 2004
Sentinel chicken surveillance programs: Pay attention to safety May/Jun 2003
Models 101 May/Jun 2003
Mosquito pooling: Getting a return on your investment Mar/Apr 2003
The relationship of WN dead birds and human cases Mar/Apr 2003
West Nile virus in Florida: The Calm Before the Storm? Jan/Feb 2003
2002 FMCA Fall Meeting Nov/Dec 2002
Insecticide Rates of Application and Public Protection Jul/Aug 2002
Predicting the "Big Event" May/Jun 2002
West Nile virus Detection: The details are important. Apr/May 2002
Florida's Mosquito Control Research Program: Scant resources and missed opportunities Jan/Feb 2002
Sentinel Chicken Surveillance and West Nile Virus in Florida Nov/Dec 2001
Ehrlichia in Florida Sep/Oct 2001
West Nile in Florida: Getting Ready for 2002 Sep/Oct 2001
Mosquito Vector Competence Tests for West Nile Virus: What do they mean for Florida? Jul/Aug 2001
Florida Response Levels to West Nile virus Detection: Options for Mosquito Control May/Jun 2001
Finding WN Positive Birds in Florida: Getting Serious Mar/Apr 2001
A West Nile Virus Positive Bird: WN Response by the Numbers Jan/Feb 2001
What's in a Name? Aedes to Ochlerotatus Dec 2000
West Nile in North America: A Florida Perspective Oct/Nov 2000
The Challenge of West Nile Virus to Florida Mosquito Control Jun/Jul 2000
Identifying Research Needs for Florida Mosquito Control Apr/May 2000
Mosquito Variability: Did the mosquito do it? Aug/Sep 2000